The Dark Shadows - Band shot



"Now it is time for something DIFFERENT. Take gentle and dark melodies, combine them with loud and fast punk rock, add some sound of guitars and believe me the result will throw you for a loop.
You will find yourself in a delirium you can't (or just don't want to?) escape. That is The Dark Shadows"

Static Magazine, Germany

Guitar-oriented rock, enriched with influences from the post-punk and New Wave and spiced with a certain melancholy and dark romance. Discreetly acting in the background an organ provides a corresponding dark mood of the season…”

Marcus Rietzsch T-Arts Germany


"The Dark Shadows happily command the cavernous and crowded Metro Theatre and no-one in the audience failed to be impressed by the trio who played their own brand of anti-corporate darkwave melodic fayre."

Live Review: Glasvegas/The Dark Shadows Hazel, Getmusic©

“From upbeat, post-punk grooves to Handley’s trademark, velvet-smooth purr, the exquisitely manicured end result shows enviable chemistry and brooding atmosphere in spades. A moody delight, single ‘Written In The Snow’, made major waves with the press in the run-up to The Shadows’ hotly anticipated EP (11:11). Rocks Like: Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s Dead, The Cure – Disintegration”

Big Cheese Magazine UK

“From batcave atmospherics to Handley’s spellbinding trademark vocals, every cog in this lean, goth rock machine is evidently firing on all cylinders…. …having unveiled an altogether sharper update on their signature sound with the new EP ‘11:11’, The Dark Shadows rank among the genre’s finest new contenders

Top 12 Bands for 2012 – Viva Le Rock Magazine UK

Representing a largely overlooked corner of the alternative genres, Sydney based The Dark Shadows combine the brooding, vaudevillian mystique of The Damned, the cut-throat candy sweetness of Debbie Harry and the talent of Gene Vincent into a wonderfully unique sound thatís both alluring and slightly sinister.

Tom Williams Big Cheese Magazine UK

"...The Dark Shadows have no worries about being on the other side of the world from the rest of the dark and moody music makers, considering themselves as more of a global band with no physical boundaries."

Terrorizer/Dominion Magazine UK

This Sydney based independent group has toured throughout Australia, USA, UK, Europe & Japan, playing with bands such as Glasvegas (UK), The Jim Jones Review (UK), Frustration (FR), Hugh Cornwell (The Stranglers, UK), Skeletal Family (UK), Der Fluch (Germany), Marky Ramone (USA), Christian Death (USA), †13th Moon† (Japan), The Stray Cats (USA), Sham 69 (UK). The band has also appeared at international festivals including Wave Gotik Treffen (WGT), Leipzig, Germany, Semana Gotica Festival Madrid, Spain, Whitby Gothic Weekend UK, Psychomania Rumble Germany, Ink 'n' Iron Festival in Long Beach CA, USA

TThe Dark Shadows have received great reviews throughout Europe/UK/Tokyo, appearing at The Semana Gotica Festival Madrid, Spain and Whitby Gothic Weekend in Whitby, UK, with features in the UK/EU press including, Top Bands for 2012 in Viva le Rock Mag UK, Big Cheese Mag and the 11:11 EP filling slot 3 on the Charts in UK Rock'n'Roll Mag. Their track 'Dark Shadow' - reached No. 24 on DOBLE 9 MOST PLAYED (Lima, Peru). 'Denial' made #33 in the 'Top 100 Most Played' and 'Blame' came in a #58!!

‘Autumn Still…’ the new album from The Dark Shadows, will be released in Europe and the UK late September on CD and limited edition collectible 12" vinyl (including digital download codes) through Halb-7 Records, Germany with distribution through Broken Silence (Germany) and C7 (UK). ‘Autumn Still…’ is a gathering of 12 tracks together as part a Dark Shadows collective introducing new tracks as well as including the singles previously released on limited edition vinyl that evoke the mood and feeling of the Dark Shadows musical journey and evolution of recent times.

The Dark Shadows will also be launching their new video for the single ‘Eisbär’ (Ice Bear), a version of Swiss cult wave band Grauzone’s NDW hit, shot and produced by Melbourne based film-makers, Strongman Pictures.
The Dark Shadows – Eisbär Video Clip